best currency converter Apps for Android

5 Best Currency Converter Apps for Android Download

Download the best currency converter Apps for Android if you want to know the rate on your smartphone. Often people who travel a lot around the world need to what is the present currency rate to exchange own money to local. Also, if you are a business person, you have to know the exchange rate to pay for goods, pay the clients, or complete international transaction. And if you are going to exchange a huge amount of money, a small percentage of low conversion rate may cause you big loss. So, to get the optimum exchange rate, you need to know the correct currency conversion rate. And there are many currency converter Android Apps you can find on Google Play store. However, I am going to give you a brief about the best currency converter Android Apps.

Free Download 5 Best Currency Converter Apps for Android

Though every country has currency exchange booths in a specific location, finding them when you’re in a hurry is difficult. So, searching the present foreign currency exchange rate on your Android device is easy. And all you just have to download and install any of the currency converter App on your smartphone. But to make your task easier, here I have picked the top 5 currency converter Apps for Android.

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1. Unit Converter

Unit Converter Apps

If you are looking for multiple currency converters with a simple user interface, Unit Converter will be best for you. It offers money and bitcoin exchange rate. And the UI is easy-to-use for anybody; even the new user can use it without any problem. Moreover, Unit Converter is a free Android App that contains Ads. But if you want the Ad free, you have to download the Pro version.

2. XE Currency

XE Currency apps

Over 40 million users worldwide are using XE Currency converter. And it is the most popular foreign currency converter on Google Play store. And the most amazing feature is that you can find any currency rate on this App. Also, it will show you the live currency rate, and it refreshes every minute. Moreover, XE Currency has an offline version, so, you can use it when there is no Wi-Fi or broadband.

3. Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter apps

Like XE Currency, Easy Currency Converter contains the foreign exchange and Bitcoin rate. And it shows the exchange rate live along with the last five years historical data. Also, you can use it in offline mode. Moreover, you will be able to select an important currency rate at first. So, whenever you need to know the foreign exchange rate, you can find it at a glance from your smartphone.

4. Currency Converter

best currency converter Apps for Android

Currency Converter is an easy-to-use foreign currency exchange rate calculator. And it provides the list of 15 currency rate at once. Also, it has the offline mode. Moreover, you can find the historical list of the exchange rate in graphical forms.

5. Currency Converter free

Currency Converter free apps

Currency Converter offers 180 foreign currency exchange rates along with offline mode. And the conversion rates are real-time. And it also supports Bitcoin. Moreover, this currency converter Android App updates daily.

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These are the best currency converter Apps for Android you can download for free. And now you learn the basic features of the top currency converter Apps. So, choose any of them and install on your phone. Then check the conversion rates anytime anywhere.

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