Best Android Security Camera App Download 2018

Security Camera App for Android

The mobile phone is one of the most versatile devices that we can find today. Among the wide variety of uses, we can also give that of the surveillance camera, something that we can do quite easily as long as we select the appropriate applications. The ideal thing for this is that we use a mobile phone that no longer occupies the position of the main device for us, and thus, we can give it a second chance by taking advantage of its camera. Let’s see best android security camera app for Android operating systems.

Best Android security camera app Download Information.

Android security camera system is now is modern technology.  The technology allows the live streaming is adapted in this case to observation and security. We will show you up to 4 android security camera app that you can download for free. It will help you to establish a control perimeter.

Alfred Home Security Camera

Alfred Home Security Camera

About 90 thousands users download this amazing android security camera app from play store. It is a special application that allows you to use the smartphone’s camera for video recording. Place phone in the right place and connect from anywhere in the world.

Home Security Camera WardenCam – reuse old phones

Home Security Camera WardenCam

This app is quite simple. We have to install it on two devices, as it will happen in other apps that we will see later. Once WardenCam is installed, we choose which of the two devices we want to be a camera and which viewer. We can use both Android and iOS phones for this case. You can also choose to record up to 1080p, but that can affect the space it occupies. So, you have to consider if it’s worth it.

AtHome Camera – Home security video surveillance

Security Camera App for Android

The world’s most trusted home security and video surveillance app, AtHome Camera turns more than 10 million devices into a video surveillance system, acting as the baby monitor, camera mascot, nanny cameras, caring for elderly, etc. All platforms are compatible, including computers, smartphones, and tablet PCs. Used in conjunction with AtHome Video Streamer, you can keep an eye on your house when you are away, and receive alerts immediately in case of any incident!

IP Webcam

IP Webcam

This simple app, developed by a private individual turns your mobile into an IP camera. We have a lot of options to choose how to make the recording. We can include night vision, motion detectors set and adjust the resolution up to 1280 x 960 pixels. We can also choose if we want the camera that reproduces is the main or secondary. Finally, we have the option to choose the video format in which it is recorded and establish a re-engraving system in the old shots to take advantage of space.

The only limitation of this app is that it only serves to set the camera, but not to retransmit it. To remotely view what is being viewed on our phone, we have to get another app, specifically the iVideon. This app will recognize the camera connected to the network and can remotely view what happens.

Final thought,

Smartphone security camera app system now is a burning issue in this days. With the selection of android security camera app, to make your home or your business an impregnable fortress. One last piece of advice: keep your phone always connected to the network, or else your surveillance will be short-lived.