What are The Best Compass App for Android Free ?

best compass app for android

Do you need an Android compass? Do you work or travel around the countryside and want to know where you are with a coordinate app? We have analyzed a wide variety of best compass app for Android applications that will help you to know exactly where the North is at all times. It allows us to share our location with some social functions. Something very used by campers, rescuers, and outdoor exercise enthusiasts.

Best Digital Compass app for Android those are  North locator.

best compass app for android

Many of the applications that we present in our top are used by professionals in rescue tasks or mountaineering instructors, so you can get an idea of the ACCURACY they can offer. Discover our top with the best compass app for android for free.

1.Compass PRO

1Compass PRO

One of the best compass app for Android. Compass PRO is a compass app that shows the north, south, east and west directions. This app features a large rotating bezel, a professional design and large numbers for better viewing. It can be run in the background by pressing the “menu” button on your Android.

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2.Marine Compass

2Marine Compass

This app has support for 3D themes meaning that you can select another kind or style of compass, including other interesting objects such as the aiming cube or the XYZ arrows. As its name indicates, it is a marine compass that will help us to know our position at all times from our phone. The app supports 3D themes with which you can observe your traditional compass.

Marine Compass will show your location using the GPS system of the terminal, and below the head will show the latitude and longitude where you are.

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3. Compass & Level

3Compass Level

With the Compass Level application, you can take advantage of the compass, level, and GPS tools that are accurate and integrated into a single screen. In addition to giving you the geographical location and the North magnetic help. You can serve in the placement of furniture, hang a shelf or a picture.

The app allows you to find and keep track of the correct address and get information about your current position or a destination location or even find your car parked through the destination location feature.

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4. Compass


You can use for most of your outdoor activities such as trips, picnics, camping, hiking or boating. All the features of this app have great precision throughout the world. The app is very easy to use and has a professional design of the rose of the winds. It oscillates naturally and is oriented at a glance. The decimal bearing provides detailed guidance. Cardinal dialing offers a quick way to express general direction to others.

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5. Smart Compass

5Smart Compass

Smart Compass is a simple utility tool with a friendly user interface. With it, you can share the location where you are with friends, either through email or social networks. This app also offers the longitude and latitude where you are with very careful and simple images. It will always help us to find established directions at any time.

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Final thought,

These best compass app for Android that we have shown are simple but very useful for our purposes. With providing the basic data that is expected from any compass and a little more. Most of them use the internal GPS system of the Android phone.