Best Cycling Apps

5 Best Cycling Apps for Android To Imporve Your Health Habit

Best cycling Apps help you to experience the whole new level of bicycling. We all know that cycling is best for health and fitness. It reduces heart disease, eliminates extra fat, and pump muscle strength. But to get fit, you need to set a goal of how many miles you want to ride. So, to track your riding you must need a tracker. And here are our picks of top 5 cycling Apps for Android users. You just install the App and press start. Also, you will find plenty of features in these Apps such as live tracking, offline mode, route search and voice coach. So, read the brief reviews of the best cycling applications.

Best Cycling Apps Download for Android

1. Endomondo – Running & Walking

Endomondo - Running

Knowing for the best personal training App and top-rated fitness tracker, Endomondo not only tracks your cycling records but also tracks running and walking records. So, to beat any previous record or to reach your goal, you need this App. And it tracks your cycling using the GPS. Also, it will show you the tracking record live. Then this App will analysis your performance and set a new challenge each day.

2. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava Running and Cycling

Strava is another top-rated cycling and running tracker App from the top developer. Millions of Android users install this App on their smartphone and track their cycling. This App records the user’s cycling miles, analyses the performance, and compares the record over time. So, you can watch your track and increase or reduce your further training. With this App, you can connect your friends and follow them. And share your training photos.

3. Runtastic Road Bike Tracker

Runtastic Road Bike Tracker

Join with the millions of cyclists who are experiencing the cycling to a new level using this amazing Runtastic Road Bike Tracker App. And this Android App is suitable for all kinds of cyclists such as professionals or casuals. Using the GPS, you can track your cycling route, duration, speed, pace, calories burned, and heart rate. And you will get your tracking record in real time. Also, this App has a voice coach and offline mode. Moreover, Runtastic will provide you the weather forecast and heart rate measurement.

4. Sportractive GPS Running App

Sportractive GPS Running App

Sportractive is a GPS system App that tracks fitness activities such as cycling, running, walking, hiking, climbing, jogging, and mountain biking. It records your cycling, analyzes your performance, and keep you on the cycling track to reach your goal. After installing this Android App, select your activities as cycling from 25 activities. And you can customize your dashboard and change your personal challenges. Also, you can check your heart rate by Bluetooth.

5. Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Best Cycling Apps

Sleep Cycle is the best alarm clock, and people know this App as the top intelligent Android App. This App will recognize your sleep cycle and wake you up on time. Also, it tracks your movement in the sleep by your phone and wakes you up at the optimum time.

These are our best cycling Apps for Android users. And from these reviews, you can say that these cycling tracking Apps are very useful. So, download one of them and track your fitness activities right away.