Best finger blood pressure app for Android and iOS

High blood pressure is one of the so-called “silent diseases”. It has no symptoms but carries serious health risks. This is why it is important to keep blood pressure at bay, to take your blood pressure – be it at home, in the pharmacy or in the doctor’s office – and to control the values. The finger blood pressure app can be an ally for hypertensive because it facilitates them to carry their registration.

Best finger blood pressure app You like msot

In the play store, lots of finger blood pressure app are available. We present 5 blood pressure apps for you. Let’s see.

Finger Blood Pressure Prank

Finger Blood Pressure Prank

Now it is possible to see the heartbeat in real time on the mobile screen. Finger Blood Pressure Prank detects the pulse of the user when he completely covers the lens of the smartphone camera with his index finger as if it were a pulse oximeter. It is a prank app.

The procedure is simple: the app detects the slight changes in the color of the finger caused by its blood capillaries. It expand and contracts with each beat of the heart. This allows the application to measure the pulse and convert it into a graphic. Then store the data and even share them on Twitter and Facebook.

Finger Blood Pressure: Prank!

Finger Blood Pressure Prank!

This app is useful for monitoring blood pressure measurements, whether they were carried out at home, in the doctor’s office, at the pharmacy or wherever. You can get instant BP rate within 10 seconds.

The application stores the data on the day and time of the measurement. The place where it was taken, the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, the pulse and the weight. You can use it for a single user or his whole family. It is a prank app to have fun with others. It is not real BP rate checker.

Finger Blood Pressure BP Prank


This is another option to store and analyze the data of the measurements in the doctor’s office, at the pharmacy or at home. The app indicates if the blood pressure values are normal or high with different colors, which facilitates the reading and interpretation of the information. It allows multiple users of the app and synchronization with all mobile devices of the patient. This is a funny app to measure BP rate and weight tracking.

Fingerprint Blood Pressure Simulator

Fingerprint Blood Pressure Simulator

Fingerprint blood pressure will provide you with the easiest way to check your blood pressure.It will be the most accurate Health Application. Blood pressure of the fingerprint is calculated blood pressure. The application of fingerprint blood pressure at the moment is only for entertainment purposes only one, and at the moment you do not calculate correct results. It’s just like the fingerprint joke of blood pressure only shows the results in randomly periodical. You can use this application to fool your friends, joke your enemies.

Blood Pressure Companion

Blood Pressure Companion

An app with such spectacular graphics that has even served as an example in the television ad of Apple’s iPad. Therefore, it is a very useful tool to show patients when explaining conditions, illnesses and injuries. In fact, it allows you to see the heart from any angle of vision by simply sliding your finger across the screen and includes a questionnaire for self-learning on this organ. You can also track your weight with this app.

Final thought,

Keep in mind that none of the finger blood pressure app has the desire to be a substitute for diagnosis or treatment by the health professional. All apps showed the result after put your finger on the back camera. Enjoy all blood pressure apps and don’t forget to share.


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