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5 Best Home Security Apps for Android

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Best home security Apps for Android devices will help you to monitor your house. Home security is now the #1 concern for all because every day many intrusion and burglaries happen. But it’s not possible to check your house all the time. So, the Android security Apps can help you. If you install security applications on your smartphones, you will not only monitor your home, but also you will be able to turn on and off many home appliances. As a result, you will be able to control and access your home surveillance systems from your office or any remote areas. Now here I have picked few of the best home security Android Apps.

Download 5 Best Home Security Apps for Android Devices

There are many houses which have home surveillance devices for security purposes. But manually controlling each of them is atime-consuming job. So, people are looking for adifferent smartphone home security system. Fortunately, there you can download any of the top home security Apps for your Android devices. So, you can monitor and control your home, family, kids, and surroundings by 24/7. Now to make your search easy, here I am going to discuss five best home security App for Android.

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1. Home Security Camera – Alfred

Best home security Apps

Alfred, a video monitor, is one of the most popular home security Android App using by 3 million families including the cops. It will allow you to monitor your home with your smartphone or tablet from anywhere anytime. Also, this App will show you the live video feed using the Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. Moreover, Alfred has voice activation system. So, you can speak to your family members through the microphone from their devices. Now with this home security camera App, you can sing to your baby from your office.

2. Mobile Surveillance & Security

Mobile Surveillance & Security

If you want a strong home security Android App, Mobile Surveillance & Security will be best for you. It converts your PC, tablets, and smartphone into a connected mobile video surveillance system. Also, this App provides the location tracking, cloud, and alert recording system. Moreover, it not only provides the video surveillance but also allows you to control home security devices.

  • Platform : Android and PC
  • Price: Free
  • Download

3. Video Surveillance Ivideon

Video Surveillance Ivideon

Are you looking for specialized but simple video monitoring Android App? Well, Ivideon will be the best App for your job. You can use this App for video surveillance, remote video monitoring, and video recording for security cameras.Like other home security Apps, Ivideon allows you to control and monitor your surveillance from anywhere. So, you just take the security system with you.

  • Platform : Android and PC
  • PriceFree
  • Download

4. Smart Home Surveillance Picket

Smart Home Surveillance Picket

Picket is an amazing home surveillance system that you don’t even need a security camera. Rather you can convert your any spare phone’s camera into the security camera and the other one as the surveillance camera. And Picket will work as a media and connect these two devices. So, with the internet, now you can monitor your home from your office. Also, the setup system is easy. You just download, install and log in using your Google account. Then start monitoring your home right away.

  • Platform : Android and PC
  • Price:Free
  • Download

5. i-Security


The i-Security is a simple Android App to monitor security video remotely. And this App allows to connect up to 64 channels. So, you can control and monitor video feed located in multiple places. But you need 3G or Wi-Fi to connect and monitor the multiple cameras.

  • Platform : Android and PC
  • Price: Free
  • Download

Now you know the brief about the best home security Apps for Android devices. So, download any of them and start getting a video feed from your home security cameras.

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