Best Job Search Apps UK And 5 Top Best Application Review

Job search app UK

Finding a job is now harder than anything. Job search apps UK helps to make the searching process easier. In newspapers, you do not get to see the vast amount of jobs available. But, with the help of the internet, you can find the correct job according to your qualifications. Also, you do not have to go down to their head office or email to drop off your CV. The mobile application helps you to instantly post it.

5 Top Best Job Search App UK

There are many of them available in the Play Store. It is possible for anybody to get confused. Here, I gathered and discussed five best job search apps UK. Check below for more description.

1. Career Builder Job Search

Career Builder Job Search

Career Builder Job Search is a free Android app that has a rating of 4.1. The application searches for jobs based on the keyword, job title, and location. You can filter them according to salary, education, qualification, or experience. It will show you the nearest job available for you with the data you give. To use the app, you need to create an account and upload your resume.

2. Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job Search is a free Android app that has a rating of 4.2. It has one of the biggest jobs databases. You can search for work in more than 60 countries in 28 different languages. Also, the app allows you to apply directly from it. It offers full-time, part-time, contract, and other variations of jobs. Create an account and then upload a CV. Also, you can follow your favorite companies whether they have vacancies or not.

3. Gumtree: Buy & Sell Local Deals. Find Jobs & More

Gumtree Buy Sell Local Deals

Gumtree is a free Android app that has a rating of 4.5. The job search app UKĀ shows all sorts of local ads. Such as buy or sale of furniture or job opportunities. You can browse on almost everything. The application allows you to apply for the jobs that are in the local area advertisement. Message them to apply for a job post.

4. Job Search- Apply to over 250,000 jobs Job Search Job Search is a free Android app that has a rating of 4.2. You can apply for jobs by swiping. The application will want you to enter a location, job title, and salary. As the results come u, you can apply directly from there. Also, you can edit and build your CV anytime. Not only this, you get job alerts that match with your qualifications.

5. JOB TODAY- jobs in 24hrs

Job search app UK

Job Today is a free Android app that has a rating of 4.2. The application is said to be revolutionizing the way candidates apply for jobs. You can apply for a post within a single click. The applicant can chat with the company directly as it is open 24 hours. You will receive a response within one day. The app is live in London and Manchester and is upcoming for many other cities.

Final words

In the end, I would say you can find work by using job search apps UK. It is easy and stays up to date. Not only this, it saves you a lot of time. Also, buying too many newspapers may cost you a fortune. So, it is best to invest your time and money in these applications.

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