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Best picture slideshow apps with Music for Android and iOS

For sure comfort, you use more mobile to take pictures than your digital camera. Surely take many pictures. We are storing a large number of images in the memory of our mobile device. Did you know that your phone allows you to create presentations and animations with slideshow apps? In this article, we show five picture slideshow apps to make presentations on your mobile and leave your friends speechless.

Discover best picture slideshow apps

The problem with many presentations is that besides not offering anything original, they are boring and, therefore, make concentrating an increasingly complex task. If you are looking for alternatives to PowerPoint, here are 5 picture slideshow appsto create attractive presentations.

1. Photo Slideshow with Music

picture slideshow apps

Photo Slideshow with Music is a free program that allows you to add music and videos to your slideshow. Also, it offers the possibility of sharing them through social networks or email. Among its greatest advantages is not having a video limit. So, it is possible to add all those that are necessary.

2. Photo Video Slideshow with Music

Photo Video Slideshow with Music

Photo Video Slideshow with Music is a slideshow program that is here to stay. The presentations created with this program are interesting, engaging and entertaining. Although at first sight, it seems difficult to use, this program is similar to PowerPoint, with the peculiarity that it allows adding animated slides. Like other programs, it has a free version that allows you to create all the videos you want.

3. Photo Slideshow with Music

Photo Slideshow with Music

It is a free tool that allows you to add content and automatically adapts the added format into an attractive slide. You can create presentations with great aesthetic value and in a concise time. It has a very simple interface, and its web platform allows exporting PowerPoint or PDF presentations. Also, it contains a large number of templates that will get you out of a hurry if you do not have a prepared design.

4. Slideshow Maker

Slideshow Maker

If you want to do something original with all your photographs, Slideshow Creator allows you to create attractive videos with the images and background music, very easily and quickly. This way you can create presentations with photos of your vacations, with your favorite song, to show them to all your friends and that nobody gets bored. Slideshow Creator supports any fixed image format, and various audio formats, such as MP3, AAC, MP4, OGG or WMA. As for the video, it allows creating AVI, WMV and MKV files, with a high resolution and quality.

5. Slideshow Movie to Video Maker

Slideshow Maker

Slideshow Movie to Video Maker is fantastic slideshow app for Apple devices. It offers interactive options that make Swipe a unique tool, such as polls and surveys. With a simple link then you can share your presentation with anyone and on any device. Their resources allow students or the audience to participate with their iPhone or devices answering surveys, which makes slideshows a more attractive experience.

Final thought,

Here you have five different picture slideshow appswith which you can create your slideshows. You can give them a special touch and a more attractive appearance. Even add music to the collections of photographs that you keep on your mobile.