5 Best Voice Writing Apps For Android And iOS

Voice writing apps

Voice writing apps help you to write your speech or voice. This system is now most famous.  These posses help you to write anything quickly and easily without touch your keyboard. If you want to write anything in your voice, you need to download an app. but what app are you downloading now? You are confused what app is the best? For that, we are researching with the many voices to speech apps, and we find some best apps for the Android and iOS device. Now see now best apps.

5 Best Voice Writing Apps Give you Much Facility to Search In Search Engine.

Here some best voice writing apps for iOS and Android. The latest development about voice writer app for android  and iPhone that you have to know. Here is how speech to text software can help you Improve your daily task. What you know about writing style apps and what you don’t know about Writing Style.

1. Write SMS by voice

Voice writing apps

Write SMS by voice is an app that helps you to send any message or write any SMS by using your voice. This app is compelling to convicted speech to text for writing SMS. You can dictate SMS by your voice and contentedly edit them, select the content or chose the receiver number by using your voice. This app not only to sent SMS messenger you can use this app for sending mail, email, and any another message. This app size is only 1.57 MB and over the 1 million people downloaded this app.

2. AutoVoice

Auto Voice apps

AutoVoice is another app that helps you to convert your voice to text. For that, you can quickly write anything like SMS by using your voice. You do not need any extra commands for using this app. This app entirely works naturally. This app supports many Bluetooth headsets. You can find the app in the play store. This app size is only 3.3 MB, and it already downloads over the 100 thousand people.

3. Voice Dream Writer

Voice Dream Writer apps

Voice Dream Writer helps you to write better by using your voice and proofreading decrease mistakes, connotation and phonetic search using the right word. This app has many features like neat writing area, word count, Search for text, backup and synchronize in the iCloud, export the Microsoft world file format and support the Bluetooth keyboard. This app was available only on the iOS device, and it’s not free. If you want to use this software, you need to donate the $9.99. This app size is just 96.6 MB.

  • Platform : iPhone/iPad
  • Price: 9.99 $
  • Download

4. Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader apps

Voice dream reader is one of the best voice to text converter application for IOS. This app supports the many formats like PDE, MS word, RTE, Plan text, web content, EPUB book and many other. This app has the 36 voice for the 27 languages and over the 200 different premium speech for 30 languages. Every statement correctly plays on when you are offline. This app only finds you on the iOS device, and this app is not free, you need to donate $14.99 for using this software.

  • Platform : iPhone/iPad
  • Price: Free
  • Download

5, Voice Pack: US English

Voice Pack US English apps

Voice pack is and that US English voice-based application. This app only helps you to convert your voice in US English. This app is just for the iOS device. Android and windows phone this app not supported. For using this app on the iOS device, you need to pay $5.99.

  • Platform : iPhone/iPad
  • Price: Free
  • Download

Now you knew some most popular and best voice writing apps. I hope now you clear what app is the best for you. Now download one on the 5. But my opinion, I recommended that, if you are an Android device user you can download the Write SMS by voice app, and if you are an iOS user you can download the Voice Dream Reader.

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