Flashlight apps to download

Flashlight apps download

Many of the Android users search for the information of flashlight apps to download. Flashlight apps are the fading breed. It started from the Lollipop operating system. But we want these apps for our needs. There are many flashlight apps of the third party of new versions. But we always want the best one. If you know about some of them, you can pick up the best one. So, it is the article to help you in this case.

5 best flashlight apps

Now I am going to show you the details of some flashlight apps. Let’s see them.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Super Bright LED Flashlight

Super-Bright LED Flashlight is a popular application. This app gives you a little more brightness than other flashlight apps and it is really nice. It is the amazing app that makes your device into the brightest flashlight through the LED light of your camera.  The app is totally free. Besides, there is a button on and off it that makes it as a real one. You can also adjust the brightness of the light by strobe option. Moreover, the graphics of this app is also great.

Torch Flashlight

Torch Flashlight

To get the brightest and fastest flashlight for iPhone is Torch Flashlight. The app also comes with the feature of video camera zoom. The flashlight will use the front camera of iPhone and you can zoom it. You can also set a timer and it will turn the light off after some minutes as your wish. When you open this app, the light will open instantly. Besides, there is strobe effect of this light. The light also saves energy.



This app is very simple and fast. It is an elegant app and even has a compass which will give you right direction of darkness. So, it is one of the best flashlight apps to download. It is also supported to iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

Fast and Bright Flashlight

Flashlight apps download

This app is now available for Android device. It is one of the best flashlight apps. More than 10 million people download it. The light is very soft and bright because the LED of the camera gives a very bright light with this app. You can also turn the both light of the device with this app. the screen icon also allows you to turn the light ON or OFF according to your need. You can use it when you travel into the dark.

Flashlight Galaxy S7 + S8

Flashlight Galaxy S7

It is one of the brightest torch apps and you will find it in Google Play Store. It is a proper app for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8. But you can also use it for Galaxy S5, J5, J7 and some other Samsung devices. I hope that you will be happy to use this app. Moreover, the interface of this app is very easy and stylish.

All these above apps are well. So, you can choose one of these flashlight apps to download and use. Enjoy the torch for your daily purpose.

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