Never Mess With Organic Chemistry Apps And Here’s The Reasons Why

Organic Chemistry apps

The Organic Chemistry apps are useful when you want a quick review before class starts. It is impossible for a person to carry many books at the same time. These applications are compact, and you can use it anywhere at any time. If you are new and do not know anything about organic chemistry, then this a great way to start.  ‍Here are describe on Basic Chemistry app and top-rated apps through Organic Chemistry. All the apps are famous, because I have tried to best and spend much time to collect the appropriate apps. Everybody welcome to my lover.

5 Best Organic Chemistry Apps

Here, I tested and gathered five best Organic Chemistry apps for Android users. You can learn about it by using your smart devices. Read below to know their exciting features.

1. Organic Chemistry Flashcards

Organic Chemistry FlashcardsOrganic Chemistry Flashcards is a free Android application. It has a rating of 4.5, and the current version is 1.48. The size of the app is minimal which is only 5.73 MB. When you open the application, it will provide multiple-choice questions. There are four options; you have to select one answer. You will see the previous one’s solution with a small explanation below the new question. There are different subjects and the questions asked are in random manner.

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2. Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Labis a free Android application. It has a rating of 4.4, and the current version is 6.2. The size of the app is 65.70 MB. Here, you can learn organic chemistry while playing quiz games. It has 1100 general chemistry flashcards. Students from this background can test their skills, and learn new stuff at the same time. If you get stuck on a question, it will give you hints to get the correct answer. It will help you to solve the problems rather than memorizing everything.

3. Chemistry


Chemistry is a free Organic Chemistry apps that is for Android users. It has a rating of 4.1, and the current version is 1.7. The size of the app is small which varies with the smart device you are using. It helps you to discover new chemical reactions and solve them with ease. You can try to test yourself by using one equation with different variables. It includes Mendeleev’s periodic table and solubility table. Also, a calculator of molar masses.

4. Organic Chemistry Practice

Organic Chemistry Practice

Organic Chemistry Practice a free Android application. It has a rating of 4.4, and the current version is 1.6.5. The size of the app is small. It helps you to understand different concepts of organic chemistry. There are six diagnostic tests that determine one’s current understanding of the subject. Also, there is 171 practice test to upgrade their skills. Further, there are flashcards for short training. There is an option of daily practice question that you can subscribe.

5. Organic Chemistry Basics

Organic Chemistry apps

Organic Chemistry Basics is a free Android application. It has a rating of 4.1, and the current version is 1.32. It helps to build the necessary knowledge of your chemistry background. Here, you will find Isomerism of Organic Compounds that have explanations with graphs. Also, it has 70 Organic Chemistry Reactions and Mechanisms of Organic Chemistry. Remember, to run the application you need an internet connection or else it will not load the graphs.

Final Words

In the end, I would say Organic Chemistry apps are benefiting for students. They can use it to nurture their knowledge and test their skills. All five of the applications have useful features and information in them.

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