Top 5 RAM Cleaner Apps for Android Be A Smart Phone User

RAM cleaner apps are very important to keep your smartphone clean and fast. Android smartphone becomes slow when the RAM of the phone become fully occupied. On the other hand, it causes hanging and app crashing problems too. It is too disturbing when phone become slow or hang in the time of doing important tasks. The RAM cleaner applications can help you to get rid of these problems.  This is one kind of Android Cleaner apps for the smartphone.

There is a lot of RAM clean application in google play store. But only a few of them can do the right job. In this article, we will discuss some of the best RAM cleaner apps of the current time.

5 RAM Cleaner Apps for Android

The below-mentioned apps are some of the best apps for cleaning your RAM. They will ensure a smooth browsing experience for you. Here is the detailed information about the apps. Phone virus Cleaner apps are essential for every smartphone user.

1. RAM cleaner

RAM cleaner apps downlaod informaion

The RAM cleaner is one of the best RAM cleaner application of current time in respect of its name. It can clean all kind of stuff like cache, Trojan, ads, and much more. On the other hand, it has some additional features too. It has important features like battery saver, RAM booster, app uninstaller, and so on.

The RAM cleaner comes with an easy user interface. It continuously shows the RAM usage along with sd card and CPU usage. It’s free to use the app with 4.3 user rating in google play store. However, it contains some ads.

2. RAM Cleanup

RAM Cleanup apps

The RAM Cleanup is a powerful one-click RAM cleaning app for Android smartphone. The apps come with an easy and friendly user-interface. On the other hand, you will not need to clean anything manually. Everything will be cleaned as soon as you start the app automatically.

The app also has some additional features like phone boost, battery saver, and CPU cooler. It has 4.5-star ratings in google play store with a lot of positive reviews.

3. RAM Cleaner for Android

RAM Cleaner for Android

The RAM cleaner is another great app for cleaning RAM easily. It comes with multiple features which cover almost all RAM related issues of your phone. On the other hand, it can clean your RAM and other RAM threads with one click. Moreover, it will also show you the RAM status of your phone.

The app is a free app with a 4.1-star rating in google play. The only negative side of the app is it shows many ads than other free RAM cleaner apps.

4. RAM Cleaner & Speed Booster

RAM Cleanup apps

The RAM Cleaner & Speed Booster is another effective app for cleaning your phones RAM. The app has a special feature which can detect the excessive RAM hungry apps. On the other hand, it can boost your phone’s RAM up to 60%.

The RAM Cleaner and RAM Booster have some additional features like a game booster, application management, CPU optimizer, and others. Moreover, it has a 4.6-star rating and a lot of positive reviews in google play store.

5. Auto RAM Cleaner

Auto RAM Cleaner

The Auto RAM cleaner app comes with a lot of useful features along with RAM cleaner. It can clean the RAM of your phone automatically. On the other hand, the additional features like phone cooler, performance optimizer, battery doctor will give you a smooth phone user experience.

As like as other RAM cleaners, it is also a free app. However, it contains ads.  It has a 4.3-star review in google play store.

The below-listed apps are some of the best apps for cleaning android phone RAMs. Hopefully, this article RAM cleaner apps will be helpful for you. If you want to more mobile virus cleaner apps stay with our

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