Reminder app with alarm

Amazing Reminder app with alarm for Smartphone 2018

When we forget anything to do, reminder app with alarm can help us in this situation. Forgetting things is a common problem for us. In our busy lives, we always forget something and left some works behind. However, when we forget to do any important task, it can be a great problem for us. In this case, we can set a reminder app on our Smartphone. It will remind you your important task. There are many reminder apps for Smartphone. Among them choose the best and suitable one for your device and make your daily life easier. I have presented impotent reminder apps as bellow. Think you will enjoy the whole presentation.

Five Reminder apps with Alarm

If you know about some best reminder apps, you can choose the best one for you. To make your decision easier, I am going to introduce you to five reminder app with alarm below.

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Any do To do list

More than 20 million people use this app all over the world. The app contains to-do list, calendar, daily planner and also a reminder in a single app. However, it is an excellent reminder app. To-do list is the option where you can keep a list what to do in a day. It is the app which allows syncing between devices, laptop or tablets. Besides, the reminder works on both location and time-based. The calendar helps you make a list of daily, weekly and monthly based. It is easy to create a reminder. Even, you can add your voice just speaking about reminder and add it to the to-do list. Here, you also attach files, notes, etc. So, it seems that it a good reminder app.

2. BZ Reminder

BZ Reminder

It is a simple reminder app with alarm. You need to set a reminder and this app reminds you when it is time. Though the app is really useful, it has short-listed features. Additionally, it supports Android Wear, recurring tasks, hourly reminders. The app also has widgets, simple calendar and more. However, the interface is so simple and you may not feel any complexity. It is one of the best apps of a reminder for your personal use.

3. Evernote

Reminder app with alarm

It is the easier-to-do app that helps the user to remind everything when he needs. You can note here, capture photos, make a to-do list with this app. Besides, you can set a voice reminder and add web clipping with it.  Moreover, you can also attach MS Office documents and PDF. However, you can organize receipts, invoices and use it as a notepad. Evernote offers you the tools by which you can share, discuss productivity with others. However, it is the app for businessmen, students and all kinds of people for an everyday purpose.

4. Todoist


It is one of the best reminder apps. Todoist is powerful and stylish and really works well. It has a Chrome extension. It has some basic features you need.  The only problem is that the genuine reminders part of this app is a premium one.  If you want to have a premium one, you can choose this app. It is really a good app.

5. Just Reminder

Just Reminder

It is an app that works as just a reminder. So, simply open your app and add a to-do list, time, date. The app reminds you according to the date. You can make repeat them hourly, monthly or even every 5 minutes. If you have the premium one, you will get password lock, notifications tones. Besides, it can remove ads.

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In our complex life, we forget important things and it harms our productivity. So, a reminder app with alarm can play an important role and help us to do all works daily. All the above apps are best and you can choose one of them. So, install it on your Smartphone and enjoy your app.

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