What the daily horoscope app for Android ?

the daily horoscope app

Since time immemorial humanity has been guided by the universe, which marks the destiny of the people. One of how the universe tells us about our future is through the horoscope and the zodiacal signs.

Depending on the time of the year in which you were born, you will belong to one sign or another, which marks your way of being, your character, and your future. If you want to know, wherever you are, what the horoscope holds, check out the daily horoscope app for Android.

The daily horoscope app for Android

the daily horoscope app

These are some applications to look at the horoscope in Android. Here we present 5 the daily horoscope app for android.

Horoscopes & Tarot

1Horoscopes Tarot

Know your future with Tarot cards. Just think of a question in one of the following areas of your life and make an answer instantly with the Tarot cards. Available readings include 1 card, 3 cards, 4 cards, and 5 cards. Use the application to get answers to the questions you face in your daily life. Use all 78 Tarot cards, including 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. There is an option to shuffle the cards if you wish.

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Daily Horoscope

2Daily Horoscope


With Daily Horoscope you will have in your pocket all the horoscopes for your sign, from the newspapers to those of love, money, health, work, luck and your lucky number and color. Its operation is more than intuitive, works well and has a very professional design. Also, it informs you of the luck that you will have in a ranking of stars.

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Horoscope and Tarot

3Horoscope and Tarot

This amazing horoscope app developed by horoscope.com. With Horoscope and Tarot, you will have free access to all the predictions for your zodiac sign. For today as well as for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. All this in the form of star ranking. So that, reading and compression are quick and simple. Also, you will have predictions for the month, the season of the year or the entire year. It also shows the profile of your astral sign. It of your zodiac element and your deaneries. And in the Tablet version includes free tarot reading.

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iHoroscope – 2018 Daily Horoscope & Astrology


From the iHoroscope app what stands out most is its design, which is very intuitive. But at the same time professional and graphics. It offers daily predictions of yesterday, today and tomorrow. In addition to the week, month and year. One of the things that also stand out is the notifications, which will inform you day by day of what the stars bring you. Also, we can share the predictions of any sign on social networks and with our friends.

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Chaturanga Astrology Advice & Daily Horoscope

5Chaturanga Astrology Advice

Chaturanga horoscope is one of the complete applications of astrology. Since it has predictions for all the signs of the zodiac of yesterday, today, tomorrow and past as well as monthly and annual. It allows you to create a kind of personalized profiles with the data of each person, to obtain personal daily predictions of your sign and your deanery. It also includes the option to share on social networks and messaging. So, you can send predictions directly to your friends among other interesting things.

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Final thought,

If you are a fan of the stars and constantly consult your horoscope or what the future will bring, whether at work, in love, try the daily horoscope app for Android we discussed here.