Voice Changer Calling App Male To Female During Call

Download voice changer calling app and have fun by changing your voice to a different tune. There are a lot of voice changer apps that let us change voice during a call. These apps come with a variety of voice effects like as robotic voice, male to female/female to a male voice, cartoon voice and so on. Along with changing voice these apps let you record conversations, share them on social media. Now I’m producing 5 apps for my http://appsboss.net  lover.   I think you will enjoy the apps mention bellow with satisfaction. To  Learn how to make more phone call with voice changer call male to female.

Popular Voice Changer App Free Download:

In this article, we have listed the best 5 apps according to ratings, downloads, and user reviews. Now let’s jump to the main objective of the article without any further ado:

1. Voice Changer during Call:

voice changer calling app

With more than 5 million downloads fake voice calling app comes first in our list. This applet you change your voice during phone calls. This app offers a lot of voice effects such as British accent voice, male/female voice, giant voice, drunk voice, evil voice, Japanese voice. In addition, you can select different voices in one call. As this app uses cellular data instead of the cellular network, your number will be invisible. As a result, you can anonymously use this app and play a prank on your friends and family.

2. FunCall voice changer in call:

FunCall voice changer in call

FunCall voice changer comes in the second of our list. Along with changing voice in the call, you can use background sounds and effects with this app. You can also anonymously call anyone without the possibility to discover your number. In addition, you can change your voice during a phone call from normal to funny, deep or scary voice. You can also add recorded sounds during real-time conversations and voice changer apps during the call.

3. Call Voice Changer – IntCall

Call Voice Changer IntCall

This is a top voice changer calling app with more than 4,000,000 downloads. This app will let you change your voice to different characters like cartoon characters, birthday songs, greetings in various language. The only bad side of this app is you will need to buy credits for making calls from this app. Though, you can also earn credit by viewing their ads. Download Call Voice Changer – IntCall and turn your next voice call into a hilarious experience.

4. Mega Voice Changer

Mega Voice Changer

You can change and modify your voice with an array of different effects by this app. This app lets you change your voice to male, female, baby, and monster also combined voices at the same time. You can also play back your creations by saving them.

5. Voice Changer with Effects:

Voice Changer with Effects

This voice changer app is mainly famous for its outstanding effects. It has more than 50+ effects which will definitely blow your mind. A robot, big robot, cave, space mutant, evil puppet, alien, ghost, chipmunks and so on. You can also change the speed of your voice and you can play your voice in reverse as well.

Please use these apps only for fun purposes. If we missed any of the best voice changer app, please tell us about them in the comments!

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