5 Best Apps For Depression and Anxiety

There are few best Android and iPhone Apps  help with depression. If you think depression slowly consumes your health and mind, you can just download and use Android Apps. And the Apps will test you, then provide you some preventive measures to get rid of depression. Here I have picked few top Android and iPhone Applications to eliminate the depression as well as other mental disorder. You can take a tour on Sleep cycle Appthat give you much information.

Top 5 Apps Help with Depression Nobody Told You About

Visiting the mental health professionals is the best option if you are dealing with depression. But it’s not always possible due to the time and money. So, to solve your mental disorder, you can download and install App on your smartphone. And the Apps will guide to eradicate your depression. So, I have sourced and found the best Apps to reduce depression. And these Apps are easy to use. Fortunately, you can download these depression-related Apps for free. Simply download, install and start using any of them. Now here I am giving you the brief reviews of each App.

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1. Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Depression CBT Self-Help Guide will help you to control your stress that contributes to the depression. Also, this Android App is natural depression manager. So, you will understand the depression and the factors along with the symptoms. Then you will learn how to relief from stress and improve your life with the self-care behavior. Moreover, this Android App has 50 articles about clinical depression and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

2. Fight Depression Naturally

Have you tried professional suggestions to eradicate depressions? And does it work for you? Well, if you can’t manage depression with the therapy, there is an alternative way. Now you can control and manage your depression by mood enhancing food suggestions. Fight Depression Naturally will provide you the list of stress relieving food and teach you the importance of writing wellness journals. Moreover, this Apps will suggest how to get well sleep when you are in the depressive mood.

3. Depression Test

If you need to test the severity of depression, you can use Depression Test Android App. And it has the simple nine questions to test whether you have a high level of depression or not. But this App is not replaceable to professional help.

4. MoodTools – Depression Aid

MoodTools is one of the best iPhone App to fight with depression. If you are feeling sad, anxious, and depressed, you can mitigate these disorder with MoodTools. And this App will diagnosis your depression and change your mood by different therapy. Moreover, it has thought diary that will help to check your thoughts and remove the negative thinking. Also, you can watch various meditation videos and positive melody.

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5. Pacifica – Anxiety, Stress, & Depression Relief

Pacifica is a great iPhone App that will track your mood, thoughts, and health. And alter the thinking with the different cognitive therapy. Also, it has different relaxing music and meditation videos. So, if you follow the activities this App suggests, you will feel relax. And your depression will go away.

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Living with depression is not good for health. And if you have depression, you must seek help as soon as possible. So, as part of the solution, download any of the above Apps to help with depression.

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